Summer camp is the most common way for a Scout to obtain the Merit Badges needed on their road to Eagle Scout. Unfortunately, not all of the Merit Badges needed for Eagle are offered at summer camp and must be worked on with a counselor during the year.

In Troop 11, we have several parents and leaders that have been approved by council to teach Merit Badges. Below is a list of those individuals in order of the Merit Badge needed .

Please reach out to them to arrange merit badge sessions.

A scout can take the following badges and still meet Eagle requirements : Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving , Environmental Science OR Sustainability , Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling.

Eagle Required Merit Badges

Camping – Sean Menendez | Greg Vajda

Citizenship in the Community – Darren Johnson | Kathy Vajda

Citizenship in the Nation – Darren Johnson

Citizenship in the World – Darren Johnson

Cooking – Greg Vajda

Communication – Sean Menendez | Kathy Vajda


Family Life – Greg Vajda

First Aid – Sean Menendez | Greg Vajda | Jarred Mclean

Emergency Preparedness*

Environmental Science*


Lifesaving* – Sean Menendez | Eric Jordan

Personal Fitness – Darren Johnson

Personal Management – John Felicetti | Darren Johnson | Greg Vajda


Swimming* – Sean Menendez | Eric Jordan

Supplemental Merit Badges

Aviation – Sean Menendez

Digital Technology – John Felicetti | Clint Mohammed

Engineering – Sean Menendez

Entrepreneurship – Sean Menendez

Public Speaking – Eric Jordan

Rifle Shooting – Greg Vadja

Shotgun Shooting – Greg Vadja