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Summer Camp Information


For information on Summer camp from the Council website, click here.


Packing List


Full Scout Uniform

Hiking boots (he should arrive to the church wearing them)


Water shoes

Underwear 7-9 pr

Socks 7-9

T-shirts 7-9

Swim trunks 2

Poncho (pack this last on top of garbage bags)

Long pants 3

Sweat shirt and sweat pants

Hooded sweat shirt

Sleeping bag

Old set of bed sheets


Plastic coat hangers (2/3 optional)

Toothbrush/paste (packed in zip lock bag)

Towels 2-3

Soap/shampoo (packed in zip lock non scented if possible)



Bug spray non aerosol

Flash light extra batteries

Handbook/notebook/pen or pencil (pens in zip lock)

Folding camp chair

Mess Kit

Vittle Kit (knife, fork, spoon)

Sun block (non aerosol)

Spending money

Travel board games or playing cards or book to read

Day pack (ie school back pack)

Plastic canteen or water bottle


If possible, scouts should pack their gear in a duffle bag or large hockey bag..then inside the duffle bag two large green garbage bags in which all clothes are placed. One bag should be for socks, underwear, t-shirts, shorts, the other for pants sweats towels so one…think of it as one side everyday clothes the other bags things he may need once a day or once a week.



No candy packed in gear (includes gum), no cell phones or electronic games please!


With regard to spending money please figure around $70 – in small bills or at least $45 in singles and fives…put in an envelope with the scout’s name on it - Greg will collect it when we go.


For the ride up to camp on Saturday scouts can bring a drink - Gatorade or water. No soda, please.


To download the medical form, go to this link:


medical form




Yours In Scouting,

Greg Vajda

Larry Head 



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